Solange and Calvin Klein #mycalvins

Calvin Klein have created their own musical family for part of their #mycalvins campaign.

The group includes artists, Solange and her curated cast including, Kelela, Dev Hynes, Caroline Polachek and Adam Bainbridge of Kindness.

You can see the group all pictured together as a “chosen” musical family, reinforcing the umbrella message of the campaign. The #mycalvins strategy has family at its core, it’s a message of unity between inspiring individuals. This campaign celebrates connection and family bonds.

This Our Family.#mycalvins campaign is set to run up until Spring 2018. The talent featured will focus on all generations, stylistically, musically and culturally.

Another example of a brand focusing on talented influencers rather than those who amass a big following with no story to tell.

This is an extension of the 2014 #mycalvins campaign which evolves further through music. Exciting things to come for CK!



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