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Hello world ! This your number one Fashion and Music source. Let’s share an addiction of music and fashion. We can’t deny that the two go hand in hand. Come here to see all the latest fashion/music collaborations chosen by international brands. Take a listen to some of the music that you already love or should hear about.

We also offer brands our music consultancy service. Our eclectic music taste and fashion knowledge allows us to choose the right direction for styling, filming and marketing your project  …..

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Colombian Magazine – Cartel Urbano Review – Click To Read



Free People (UK)
‘NME meets Vogue’ –The London Fashion Network

‘ is a site that has one of the most innovative concepts that we have see lately’Cartel Urbano

‘Fashion Soundtrack recognises music’s inherent ability to make or break each season’s fast and furious trends.’Inspirare Magazine (San Fransisco)

‘Its content that is based on the most recent trends, does not only reflect the great connection between the visual and the sound, yet also tries to explore less obvious relationships, like for example special meanings that songs have for designers, or historic relationships with their collections.’

Cartel Urbano (Colombia)

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